CRM Systems for Professional Service Providers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems Worth Considering.

The topic of CRM systems often comes up in conversations with fellow professional service providers (PSPs), including consultants, coaches, lawyers, etc.

My firm, Washington BBI, is a Goldmine CRM user which we use in a peer-to-peer network topology (as opposed to using the cloud version.) I am very happy with Goldmine’s features, functions, reliability and capabilities. It is a great CRM for organizing WA BBI’s suspects, prospects, clients, referral partners, recommendation partners, and other groups. It simply and easily filters large databases into targetable segments. My favorite feature is remote synchronization, i.e., my portable PC can flawlessly synchronize with the server from anywhere via 4G LTE connections or any other phone link.

Other CRMs I have evaluated include (in alphabetical order) include:

  • Agile
  • Insightly
  • ProsperWorks
  • Solve360
  • Zoho

All work well with Google Apps. Each has its own quirks and endearing characteristics. For example, Agile provides a totally different user perspective than I was familiar with, yet it took only a short while to come to love many of its features. However, it does not allow you to add/delete/modify recurring appointments or tasks. For your practice that may be no big deal.

Zoho is unique in their robust repertoire of add-on modules, including what seemed like a very good project management module that was tightly integrated into the core system.  Impressive.

Each seemed to be a great system. If you are a PSP who is looking for a CRM to help you target and track prospects and clients alike, these are the systems you might want to evaluate.

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