Week 4: Healthy Business Series: Can KPIs Be Automated?

I searched Google for the phrase, “QuickBooks KPI Automation.”  It found 1,320,000 hits. Bing found the same quantity.

NetSuite Accounting got 393,000 hits. Intacct Accounting received 297,000 hits. MultiView got 264,000. Those four are among the top accounting software vendors today.

What about CRMs? “Salesforce KPI Automation” received 1,650,000 hits. “Microsoft Dynamics CRM KPI Automation” got only 576,000. My CRM, Goldmine, got only 321,000 hits, a paltry sum. (I review CRM options every year, and Goldmine is still the best CRM for my needs. It is extraordinarily reliable and flexible.)

Of course, the number of hits doesn’t imply that there are that quantity of bolt-on KPIs software solutions available, thankfully, but the number of hits does imply that it is a hot topic for those product offerings.  Whether you are trying to automate Financial KPIs or Sales & Marketing KPIs, there are an extraordinary number of automation tools available, even for Goldmine.

If you are a small business owner, then you are likely using QuickBooks for your accounting needs. You might ask QuickBooks Pro Advisors, such as Rachel Barnett, Kristy Monahan, Teresa Olsen or Shelly Robbins, for their advice on which bolt-on QuickBooks KPI software solution might work best for you. QuickBooks Pro Advisors, a training and professional development service provided by Intuit, are an amazing group of dedicated bookkeeping professional who work hard to help their clients get the most out of their accounting software. Of those, there are about 90 who are also QuickSource Advisors in the greater Seattle area. I can’t recommend those folks enough.

Along with the advice of your CPA, QuickBooks Pro bookkeeping professionals can help you select and automate the KPIs that you need to focus on at this stage of your firm’s growth and development.

So, ask your CPA and ask a QuickSource Pro for their advice. It is possible and very sensible to automate the KPIs that matter most for you.

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